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Giving it back to kids

At the 23 Club last week, we met two enthusiastic representatives of the Performing Stars of Marin, a Bay Area organization dedicated to providing “professional training in dance, music, social skills and various enrichment opportunities to children who are underserved due to economic, cultural or social barriers.” Although Marin County, north of San Francisco, has a reputation for wealth and groovitude, in its midst is Marin City, a community built for shipyard workers, which today remains tight-knit even as it struggles with poverty and crime.

Performing Stars is working with accordionist Andre Thierry. On March 7 it will launch a zydeco curriculum:

The Zydeco Workshop 4 Kidz classes are designed to create a fun, educational experience teaching the history, culture and music while preparing the children for a The Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic Band scheduled September 3, 2012 at The 15th Annual Marin City Blues, Jazz & Soul Party in the Park.

This weekend the Performing Stars held a fundraiser featuring Thierry. We look forward to seeing how the “Zydeco Workshop 4 Kidz” unfolds.